SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)

SBOM API Bearer Token


A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is a detailed list of dependencies and transient dependencies in an application that includes both open-source and internal libraries.

Note: The code in open-source libraries are free to use, and internal libraries contain proprietary code written by internal developers. 

The NowSecure Dynamic (SBOM)

  • Includes an analysis of what libraries are out of date 
  • Includes a report of endpoint connections with geolocations
  • Includes a high level summary of vulnerability information


NowSecure Platform supports CycloneDX, a lightweight standard for generating the Software Bill of Materials for your app in XML format.

  • CycloneDX Format
    • Standardized SBOM format
    • Translatable to other formats
    • Support from OWASP

SBOM API Bearer Token

See the Creating an API Bearer Token in NowSecure Platform article.{INSERT ASSESSMENT ID HERE}/cyclonedx
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${API_TOKEN}"



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